Every self-respecting exporting or importing company should cherish and embrace the Incoterms as the way in which sellers and buyers can do business "over the border" in a justified way.
From one side as "anchor" to build in certainty and safety, from the other as "lifebuoy" to, if something happens unexpectedly, be able to revert back to the contents and the interpretation and implementation of the agreed Incoterm. Incoterms are not for nothing


or international rules valid for all parties. Incoterms require a unequivocal interpretation and don't leave room for service, courtesy or other commercial interventions. Even standard practise does not come through the censorship. An incorrect Incoterm, an incomplete Incoterm, a non-existing Incoterm, an obsolete Incoterm, a self- invented Incoterm, it may have run smoothly over the years but it is definitely NOT RIGHT. Because to-morrow or maybe the day after to-morrow something happens.

It could have happened yesterday already or last year. There is a lot of damage and it's going to cost a lot of money for someone. The Incoterm having been used for years to everybody's satisfaction takes revenge and settles your hash. As he - so the Incoterm - cannot help you as he appears not to exist, he has been "invented" years ago during the negotiations. Let yourself be enlightened! A session Incoterms 2010 and the accompanying book Incoterminology 2010 prevents a lot of misunderstanding and damage. There is also a Dutch version of this book. It's called Incoterminologie 2010. And a Dutch session Incoterms is of course also possible.